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World's Rice Basmati long grain rice 2000g

World's Rice Basmati long grain rice 2000g

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pc * 21900 uah
Price per kilogram/liter
: 10950 uah
Food energy
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: bestalternativa.ua
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Product description from producer
Basmati rice is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India and Pakistan in the areas bordering it. The word "Basmati" in Hindi means "fragrant".It is believed that the unique taste and aroma of the white long grain rice shall characteristics of soil, climate and even the air in the region. Basmati rice has a high solid content and amylase almost dry texture. Raw grain long and thin. In the preparation of grain basmati rice increased by more than twice. In the east, rice is often prepared in conjunction with a variety of spices, particularly saffron. Rice, cooked Basmati rice has a specific, unique flavor. This figure serves as an independent side dish. Adding to the dish rice oil WR, you will feel the unique taste. World's rice provides a choice, offering consumers Basmati from India and Pakistan.During cooking Basmati rice increases in length.
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