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Rud Vologodske sweet cream butter 82.5% 200g

Rud Vologodske sweet cream butter 82.5% 200g

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pc * 4499 uah
Price per kilogram/liter
: 22053 uah
Producer's site:
: rud.ua
: Житомирський маслозавод
Product description from producer
Butter Vologodske, 82.5% is being produced according to the original technology. In order to produce this butter, the following special requirements are to be set for the milk: Enhanced quality control (milk is to be not less than of the first grade); Reservation is to take part separately from main milk volume; Enhanced control for processes of separation and recovery of the high-quality cream. Peculiarity of production technology is considered to be the high-temperature (thermal) processing of milk with subsequent exposure to the high temperature within hermetic vessel.