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Bella Happy New Born Baby Diapers

Bella Happy New Born Baby Diapers

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pc * 18400 uah
Price per kilogram/liter
: 14603 uah
: Белла
Product description from producer
Diapers for newborns from 2 to 5 kg. Thanks to the breathable outer layer, they allow for a free flow of air to the baby’s delicate skin. The extra absorbent layer is covered with soft mesh-like Premium Dry fabric that enables absorption of not only urine but also loose stools. Loose acidic stools, characteristic of the youngest babies, can irritate the skin, so it’s very important to isolate them from the baby’s bottom as soon as possible. The diaper features a special stump notch that allows for air flow, which facilitates healing and minimises the risk of irritation of the sensitive spot.