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FROMIN Ledovka Water 0,5l

FROMIN Ledovka Water 0,5l

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pc * 4949 uah
Price per kilogram/liter
: 9898 uah
Producer's site:
: fromin.ua
Product description from producer
FROMIN WATER - is ideal for everyday use due to its chemical composition, physical properties and microbiological purity. Source of Fromin water was formed 15,000 years ago at the time of melting of glaciers, seeping through a shield of quartz sand, reaching 400 meters in places, protected from external influence by a 150 meter layer of rocks.
At the moment, the water is in the underground lake at the artesian depth, is still well protected from the external environment and is not replenished with present-day water. The bottle has an original design in the form of an ice cube.
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