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Spices clove Saldva Private import 15g

Spices clove Saldva Private import 15g

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pc * 1099 uah
Price per kilogram/liter
: 73266 uah
Product description from producer
For seasoning stewed meat (pork, game, duck, goose, meat), legumes, rice dishes, baked apples, fruit, pickles, fruit pies, hot wine, spicy tomato sauce. The first record of cloves in literature was found in the East - where it was called the tongue of a chicken. When the popularity of cloves started increasing, clove tree forests were found in Indonesia. After that, Indonesians began to fight over clove forests and the right to trade cloves all over the world. In Maluku region, where you can find lots of cloves, once the child is born parents plant the clove tree in his honor.
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