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Payment, pricing and promotions (Kyiv and Kyiv region)

For delivery rates and zones see Delivery map
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Scheduled deliveries plan

You can see the delivery schedule after choosing Your delivery area on MAP.

  • Your self-pickup order can be picked from 10:00 till 19:00
  • You can make the order online 24/7
  • To obtain Your order be sure to provide a phone number only of Ukrainian providers of telecommunication (we can not call back a client who is not in Ukraine on the number of foreign operators)
  • Issuance of orders containing 18+ products (alcohol and tobacco products) is performed only upon presentation of documents confirming the Customer's age (passport or driver's license).
  • The images of packages on the web-site are subjects to change. Please always refer to the actual package for the most accurate information, or if more information is required, please contact the original manufacturer.


  • Online prices are the same as on the shelves of the supermarket where your order is picked and packed.
  • Product prices within Online Shop are stated including VAT, excluding a group of tobacco products.
The prices for tobacco goods are the same in the store and online and is shown without excise tax which is 5% of the cost of product. In your receipt though you will see the price with excise tax. For example: the cost of a pack of cigarettes online and in the store is 10 UAH. The price for the cigarettes in your receipt will be 10.50 UAH. Please note that the maximum number of packs of cigarettes that the customer can order "in one hand" is 10 pcs.
  • The service of picking the cart is free in the case of scheduled delivery and 24 UAH in self-service.
  • You can leave notes for the picker for each item or for the whole order as well when making your order. In the comments you can also ask the picker to call you during picking your order.
  • You have a right to return any delivered product with it's respective takeout of receipt.
  • Prices are subject to change in the hypermarket, so the actual amount of the order may be different, especially if you have chosen delivery for the next day. In case of price changing above 5 UAH or total weight changing of goods that are selling "on weight" by +/- 200 gramms the Picker will contact You. Total product weight may differ depending on the features of the product and its packaging in the hypermarket.
  • - According to the Law of Ukraine, we are not able to return for excisable goods, alcohol, tobacco products - even if these products are of good quality.
    - Goods of superfresh: cooking, fresh meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, sausage or unvacuumed delicatessen products - tested with Courier. Return is possible if the product tested and due to inappropriate quality is immediately returned to the courier.
    - According to the Law of Ukraine about consumer protection goods return is possible only by maintaining receipt and spoiled goods.According to the Law of Ukraine about consumer protection goods return is only possible by maintaining receipt and spoiled goods.

Law of Ukraine Consumer Rights Protection
RESOLUTION on the implementation of certain provisions of the Law of Ukraine About Consumer Rights Protection
NOVUS discount cards does not work when ordering online.
All discounts and offers that are in the supermarket, also work for the online store.

Cost and ways of delivery

  • The price of delivery depends on the adress of delivery (zone).
  • Scheduled delivery fee in Kiev starts from 69 UAH. If you make noncash payment it starts from 82,80 UAH.
  • The delivery in to zones of the region and suburbs of Kiev: see the page Delivery map
  • Heavy orders:
    When placing an order with a total weight of more than 40 kg, there will be an additional commission of up to 22 UAH for each 10 kg of reservation.

    The amount of the fee can be seen in the basket during checkout

    More about the commission

    Order weight (netto), kg Total value, uah
    Below 40kg 69 79 89
    41 50.9 91 101 111
    51 60.9 113 123 133
    61 70.9 135 145 155
    71 80.9 157 167 177
    81 90.9 179 189 199
    91 100.9 201 211 221
    101 110.9 222 232 242
    111 120.9 243 253 263
    121 130.9 264 274 284
    131 140.9 285 295 305
    141 150.9 306 316 326
    151 160.9 327 337 347
    161 170.9 348 358 368
    171 180.9 369 379 389
    181 190.9 390 400 410
    191 200.9 411 421 431
    201 210.9 431 441 451
    211 220.9 451 461 471
    221 230.9 471 481 491
    231 240.9 491 501 511
    241 250.9 511 521 531
    251 260.9 531 541 551
    261 270.9 551 561 571
    271 280.9 571 581 591
    281 290.9 591 601 611
    291 300.9 611 621 631
    301 310.9 630 640 650
    The cost of a surcharge for an order weighing above 311 kg increases at the rate of +19 UAH for each 10 kg excess.
  • The big goods, as basket 50 L, bath cornice, sleigh - are delivered on individual terms.
  • You need to create several separate orders (for different receipts) but you want them to be combined in one delivery - if you want delivery that consists of several but not more than 3 orders for one address, for one time window and from one store - than the delivery cost will be like for one order, that also contains total weight from all the orders. If you need 4 or more orders to be delivered, than the cost of delivery will be 10 UAH for every next order, while order weight fee will be recounted according to the taxa above. 
  • Delivery service may cancel your order in case of unpossibility of its delivery (flood, earthquake, cataclism, hard traffic situation in the city, or if the address of delivery target is in zone that can't be reached by vehicle closer than in 50 meters area). You may to reorder your products by yourself.
  • Delivery service may informate You about the cancelling of Your order by SMS (not later than 2 hours before the end of chosen delivery slot)

Payment methods

Cash on delivery. We accept cash (UAH only) at the doors of your address after you will see and check your complete order. Please note, final receipt may slightly change from what you've seen online, due to non-perfect weighting of products in a cart. Also note, you have a right to refuse from any of the products you don't like (accompanied by respective takeout of receipt). Please, check Your rest accurately with the courier near.

Bank card: with pickup from the store or paying on the site. If your order contains excisable goods (alcohol and tobacco goods) you can not pay for them by the bank card on the site. You can order such products as a separate order and pay for them by cash. If you chose a pickup delivery method and plan to pay by bank card directly in the terminal of the sales area, payment service and the fee to the collector is paid in cash only.

Procedure of order placement for bank card payments and Internet payment systems

Bank transfer: pre-payment. You deposit money via wire transfer to NOVUS bank account. Then your order may be delivered on a day of confirmation.  Attention! In case of obtaining Your order via pick-up in selected Store You will need to present a passport and power of attorney.

If you need to get your delivery promptly, you need to make payment on time (until 16-00 the day before delivery), so that we were able to form and deliver your order. Otherwise, if the payment is received after 16:00, we will not be able to make your delivery in the selected time window and will have to cancel it.

Procedure of non-cash payment (more)

Alcohol and tobacco goods are not available for orders by organizations paid via bank wire transfer.

A pre-paid amount must be used within 92 days after transfer.

Detailed about picking and delivery

Pick&Pack: we take responsibility to pick and pack the freshest products and goods of the highest quality which are available in a supermarket at the moment of picking your cart. Your personal picker from our team is motivated to provide the best service and follow your instructions as precisely as possible. More information about picking

Packaging: your order will be packed in plastic bags from NOVUS (paid separately). All household products are packed in a separate bag. The cost of packages will be included into the bill.

Delivery: you can choose scheduled delivery or self-delivery.

Scheduled delivery means, that the courier arrives at your door within the time window chosen. Delivery to the door is possible only with a working elevator in your home. In case of its absence or breakdown, the cost of delivery includes a surcharge for the rise. The size of the surcharge is calculated depending on the weight of your order and floor. You can check the cost with the contact center operator. If you can not guarantee your presence throughout the entire time window, please contact the operator of the contact-center. There is delivery time window schedule on the checkout page (to visit this page just put any product to your cart and click "Checkout") - after this you can always return to the forming of your cart.

In case if the courier arrives at the customer's address twice in the same time window, the client pays for each delivery (the opportunity is agreed upon individually).

 Before delivering your order, we should confirm your adress and delivery conditions

- for orders with delivery till 18:00- till 09:00 at current day;
- for orders with delivery till 22:00- till 13:00.
In case we can`t contact you, the Company has the right to reschedule Your order at the next slot or cancel it.

Self-delivery:  your cart will be picked and packed in the NOVUS supermarket at Zdolbunisvska st. 7g, where you can pick it up from 10:00 to 19:00. Payment method with self pick-up is cash, non-cash payment, payment by Visa or MasterCard.

After registration of your order, you can always contact our contact-center at (044) 392 85 52 and cancel it or choose another available delivery slot, but
- orders that should be delivered till 18:00 should be changed till 09:00 same day
- orders that should be delivered till 22:00 should be changed till 13:00

Number of added positions may not exceed 3 units. Please inform us about changes as soon as possible.

Closing of delivery windows: sometimes the delivery for time window is unavailable. In this case you will see mark "Closed" for this slot. We apologize if you wanted to make the order and the chosen time window was closed. For now it is the only way to perform the good level of service for those orders that were made earlier in case of peak demand.