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Carefree Plus Large Fresh Women's Daily Pads 36pcs

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Product description

The Carefree® plus Large fresh panty liners are longer and wider than panty liners, and have a superabsorbent layer that reliably holds moisture inside, giving you freshness and confidence. And the soft surface gives the maximum feeling of comfort. The superabsorbent layer keeps moisture securely inside Odor control up to 12 hours Absorbs moisture quickly Provides dryness and comfort Soft cover Large daily wipes are better for shorts and oversized bikini bottoms. Ingredients: soft coating, distribution layer, absorbent layer, barrier material, paper, adhesive, perfume. How to use: first wash and dry your hands. Remove the protective film from the gasket. Place the pad, sticky side down, covering the center of the panties. Dispose of the used gasket by wrapping it in a new wrap. Always throw your pads in the trash can and never flush them down the toilet! Wash your hands. For a feeling of maximum freshness, change your pads as needed throughout the day....

General information

  • Trademark
  • Producer
    Johnson & Johnson
  • Country
  • Pack amount
    36 pc
  • Shelf life
    2 years

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