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Zhmenka arborio long grain rice 1000g

1 kg
98.99 uah

Product description

Arborio rice is the most popular sort of the Italian rice. After cooking large and semitransparent Arborio grains turn out creamlike, absorb other dish components taste and fragrance. The velvety structure and the delicate creamy taste are an Arborio rice business card. Thus, this rice is the most popular rice sort to cook true Italian dish — risotto. This rice sort contains necessary starch (amylopectin) which being released in cooking risotto makes a dish piquant and delicious....

Nutritional properties, 100g

  • Calorie content
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates

General information

  • Trademark
  • Weight
    1 kg
  • Shelf life
    18 months
  • Storage temperature

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