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Akura Wine Vinegar 6% 330ml

330 ml
39.49 uah

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Product description

Alcoholic wine vinegar 6% Akura is a 100% natural vinegar made on the basis of grape juice and wheat alcohol by aerobic fermentation (a biochemical process of the oxidation of carbohydrates and ethyl alcohol under aerobic conditions with the participation of atmospheric oxygen to acetic acid, carried out by acetic acid bacteria). Wine vinegar is one of the most popular fruit vinegars and is great for cooking meats, vegetables, and salad dressings. Mass fraction of acetic acid 6%....

Nutritional properties, 100g

  • Calorie content
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates


drinking prepared water, grape wine materials, rectified ethyl alcohol, pure culture of acetic bacteria

General information

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    330 ml
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