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EKO-MedOK Sunflower Honey 350g

350 g

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This sort of honey is very pleasant to taste it in a liquid state, but unfortunately it quickly crystallizes and becomes a light amber color sometimes with a greenish tinge. Sunflower honey has a mild flavor and a pleasant somewhat tart taste, pH-3,5. <br>There are a lot of vitamins PP and E in the sunflower seeds. A sunflower is an important melliferous plant/ <br>Sunflower honey has nutritional and medicinal properties. Bees produce it from the golden-yellow ray flowers of the main oil plants – sunflower (Heliantus annuus L.). A basket is a sunflower inflorescence that contains about 1500 flowers that is cross-pollinated by bees, significantly increasing its fruition it. 50 kg of sunflower honey can be collected from 1 ha of sunflower blooming by bees. Honey is characterized by a high content of sunflower reductive sugars and low –sucrose. <br>Among the light-colored honey sunflower honey has the greatest enzymatic activity. It is recommended in the treatment of diseases of the heart, respiratory and gastro-intestinal colic. Also, sunflower honey is used in atherosclerosis, osteochondrosis, neuralgia different. It well removes toxins out of the body and is often used as a diuretic....

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    350 g

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