Risotto from beet with goat cheese
Servings - 2
Cooking time - 1 h

Risotto from beet with goat cheese

The main feature of Italian risotto is its consistency. Gentle and creamy dish, without any boiled rice grains significantly differs from pilaf and rice pudding. We offer you to take the advice from the chef Ilya Semin and cook it according to the instructions. This version of risotto will surprise with an unusual taste and beautiful color. The presence of beet makes it even more useful for your body.


  • Chicken wings - 300g
  • Bay leaf - 1pc
  • Carrots - 1pc
  • Onion - 2pc
  • Allspice - 3g
  • Black pepper - 3g
  • Water - 1500ml
  • Rice arborio - 200g
  • Broth - 750ml
  • Beetroot - 3pcs
  • Dill - to taste
  • Balsamic vinegar - 15g
  • Wine (dry white) - 100g
  • Butter - 120g
  • Goat cheese - 200g
  • Parmesan - 50g
  • Garlic - 3heads
  • Salt - to taste

Stages of cooking

  • 01

    Cook the broth. (Put the chicken wings, bay leaves, carrots, 1 onion, fermented and black pepper into the pan, add 1500 ml of water, cook for 60 minutes).

  • 02

    Bake beets in advance, when it cools, peel them. Cut one piece into cubes, and mash the rest in the blender.

  • 03

    Fry the garlic and onion with 60 g of butter. Pour the arborio rice in and mix it well.

  • 04

    Pour in the wine and evaporate it gradually.

  • 05

    Slowly add warm broth, stirring the risotto carefully.

  • 06

    Add beets, pour in vinegar, pepper and salt. When everything is warm, put the remaining butter and grated parmesan, mix well.

  • 07

    Leave for a couple of minutes, without opening the lid, serve into plates, sprinkle with cheese and dill.

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