Lentil soup
Servings - 4
Cooking time - 1 h

Lentil soup

Lentil is a bean relative, and it is also a source of vitamins, dietary fiber and vegetable protein. Compared to the usual beans, this representative of legumes has a significant advantage - it is pretty quick to prepare. This is especially true for red lentils, which require cooking time for about 20 minutes. Lentil soup, which we recommend cooking today, is a tasty, nourishing, healthy and good-looking dish.


  • Red lentils - 200g
  • Carrots - 2pcs
  • Garlic - 2cloves
  • Cream cheese - 100g
  • Onion - 2pcs
  • Olive oil - 30g
  • Sunflower oil - 68g
  • Curry (tender) - 10g
  • Paprika - 10g
  • Sunflower seeds - 40g
  • Fresh parsley - to taste

Stages of cooking

  • 01

    Grate the clean carrots on a grater with large holes.

  • 02

    Finely chop the garlic.

  • 03

    Fry the vegetables using sunflower oil. In the end, add some spices, salt, curry. Leave it stew.

  • 04

    Boil 800 ml of water or broth (for example, mushrooms or vegetables) in a saucepan.

  • 05

    Stir the stewed vegetables in boiling water, add lentils, salt and pepper. Cook the soup until the lentil is ready.

  • 06

    Pour the soup into a plate, pour a little olive oil from the top, add parsley, cream cheese and a few sunflower seeds.

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